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Opponents of Same-Sex Marriage Take Bad-for-Children Argument to Court

I’m too old to be “tolerant of others’ views” on this shit anymore. I don’t even feel like writing the logical take-downs involving no-fault divorce and single/never-married parents…just…
Fuck you. Fuck yo mama (or whoever raised you that way). Fuck yo nasty-ass bigoted laundry soap, and toothbrush, too. 
I’m out. *jazz hands*

Resource Callout: Sexwork and Abuse Intervention/Prevention

Do you have any tips/tricks (NPI) to help protect and empower sexworkers during DV outreach efforts?

For instance, what kinds of language or resources do you feel should be included in brochures and other materials that might reach victims or advocates? What framework conveys concern, safety, and advocacy, especially in areas where sexwork is illegal?

I’ll be attending a conference on trafficking soon, and I’m aware of dialogue on the difference between sexwork and trafficking, as well as some well-intentioned rescue/documenting efforts putting workers and victims at risk.

I would like any workers, victims, and advocates to feel comfortable talking to me or anyone I train on this topic.

Dear Mr. Burnham

For a lesson on goals and dreams, my son’s class was given an assignment to write a letter to someone they admired.
He chose Bo Burnham. Though the students were not allowed to deviate from the assigned letter structure, it’s pretty obvious my kid had as much fun with this as he could.


Mr. Burnham,

I want to start off by thanking you for inspiring me to make every moment a comedic moment.

My goal in life is to one day be a mediocre comedian, and to achieve this, I plan to practice on my ever-so-patient parents. 

I learned from watching your show that you like oreos and cats, and that you were not skiing. Also, to pursue my dreams.


I really liked “what”. Please make more specials. 

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